Tuesday, March 16, 2010

cuckold phone sex

I can be a very erotic and sensual phone sex girl, but I also have a kinky phone sex fetish side that loves to shine through with the right guy, pet, slave, man, or toy.

I love big dicks. So small penis humiliation is common if you're a shrinky dink sissy pants.

Look at me? Don't I look like I'd make a great cheating cuckolding wife or girlfriend taking some nice big dicks without caring whether my husband or bf finds out? Who cares? Maybe you're my husband who knows I have side boyfriends and go out to fuck them and then cum home to you with a cream pie filled pussy. Of course I don't want to fuck you, but you're always willing to eat my pussy... gobble all that thick goo up and maybe I'll let you jack off. *giggles*

Or are you the real man that I WANT to cheat on my husband/boyfriend/loserwith? I love a nice, big fat cock! We can fuck on HIS side of the bed!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

cock control phone sex

Don't you just wish? In your dreams... A sexy, sensual, temptress like me... could absolutely take control of your cock and drive you to the brink of insanity. Some men like to think they're powerful... but you just can't resist a seductive, sultry woman, can you? You'll know quite quickly who's in control... I'll get you so worked up without cumming, that you'll share all those dirty, even forbidden little secrets and fantasies that you'll have. You'll be spilling so much to me... allowing me to further control your cock and your mind... *naughty giggles*
Tease and denial phone sex or sensual domination phone sex.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

girl next door phone sex

You watch me all the time the girl-next-door phone sex neighbor. I know you do. You watch me through the window... watch the boyfriends I have come over and fuck me. What about when I'm fresh from the shower and toweling to dry off in my bedroom?

Are you into girl next door 
fetish phone sex? Do you like to role-play? I'm your dame.

I love anything super naughty and taboo. Where you get to dominate me or I get to sensually dominate you. Variety is always so much fun.

Call me for any kind of
taboo phone sex!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sexy Legs Phone Sex

Sometimes I just enjoy being sexy and sensual... dressing up in lingerie and hot heels. Sexy legs phone sex is the ticket. Making sure my long legs are super soft and massaged well with lotion. From head to toe, it feels great to be all dolled up and ready for my man. Whether you're just into some sweet phone sex or you're into some leg, body, and foot worshipping phone sex, I think we can have some fun tonight. I don't mind showing off my legs and slender, hot body. I'd make the perfect trophy wite! *wink*

Monday, August 10, 2009

Kinky Role-Play Phone Sex

Have you had a long day at work? I know you have, so you're naughty girlfriend has something super special for you tonight. You come home and can't find her right away. Toss that briefcase on the floor...You loosen your tie an unbutton your shirt as you head into the bedroom. To find your sexy wife (or girlfriend) all dressed up just for you. What is she wearing? She appears to be the sexiest police woman you've ever seen. Wearing black thigh high stockings on her soft silky legs... a short skirted police uniform complete with hat, handcuffs and night stick. You look at her and begin to speak. She interrupts you and says sexy, but sternly, "You were speeding on your way home." She walks towards you and instructs you to unbutton your shirt and take off your pants. "Do you have any idea how fast you were going?" You better apologize and think of something quick, but you're speechless and she begins to help undress you... she gets behind you with her night stick and pushes it into your back so you're forced to walk towards the bed, completely naked. Before you know it, this sexy police woman you didn't even know you lived with, has you handcuffed to the bed. She stands over you and pulls her thong off so you get a clear peek up her gorgeous thighs and a quick look at her smooth pussy.... what else is she going to do with you tonight?

Aren't you lucky your girlfriend is so naughty and knows exactly what you need. She knew you had a long day and she's prepared to take ALL the stress away... you'll be sleeping well, tonight.

For out-of-the-ordinary kinky
 role-play phone sex, call 1-888-467-6904-888-70-HOT4U

I'm not your average, boring, hum-drum
phone sex call. I'm the kinky girl that needs a man who would love to cum home to me. ;)

Friday, July 24, 2009

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Seeking breathe taking, imaginative and erotic hypnosis phone sex?
Now, I want you to imagine that you are checking your body to ensure you become totally relaxed... as your muscles relax, just let your mind relax also ... begin with your feet... feel your toes... make them into a fist... stretch them, feel the texture of what your feet are resting on ... begin to tighten your calve muscles ... now relax them ... let that relaxation spread past your ankles, up your calves to the back of the knee ... feel those muscles easing ... resting comfortably ... now your thighs, pull them tight ... be aware of those long muscles tensing ... now relax those muscles ... feel them lengthening and resting comfortably ... feel your legs as they sink even deeper into the cushions as you relax even more ... now your stomach muscles, pull them together gently ... now let them expand and relax comfortably. Your shoulders and back muscles ... flex your shoulders ... feel those muscles pull across your back ... now let your shoulders slouch as you relax the muscles ... and notice how your spine sinks deeper into your chair, as your relax even more deeply ... notice how easy and regular your breathing has become. Now your fingertips and fingers, clench them, feel that tension ... now relax them ... and allow the relaxation to spread up your arms to your neck. Make sure your neck is comfortable with your head in an easy position ... tighten up your neck muscles ... now let them loosen up ... as the muscles relax, allow your neck to fall back into a comfortable position. And now your face muscles ... squeeze up your face and feel the tension ... now relax those muscles and feel them lengthening and softening, relaxing more than ever before. You can now feel the air temperature against your skin ... it feels smooth and comfortable ... now you can allow the relaxation to reach your scalp, knowing that you are relaxed throughout your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Your body is now loose ... and limp ... and heavy ... and relaxed ... notice how your body is sinking deeper into relaxation ... as your breathing becomes more regular and easy. In a moment I will count slowly from ten and go down to zero ... and with each and every number you drift deeper ... and deeper into peaceful relaxation. Ten ... nine ... eight ... seven ... six ... five ... four ... three ... two ... one ...

You are now feeling so deeply relaxed in my hypno-erotic trap... you find it easy to focus your attention, and imagine things clearly ...and I want you to imagine that you are standing on a balcony overlooking a beautiful garden ... as you look into the garden, you see that it is surrounded with lovely trees ensuring that the garden is private, secluded and peaceful. There are flower beds set in the lovely lawn and further along is a waterfall into a stream ... listen to the sound of the water ... as you look around, you see the trees and you hear a faint sound of a bird singing in the distance, adding to the feeling of deep relaxation through your entire being.

I enjoy using erotic hypnosis phonesex in sensual domination phone sex, but I also enjoy mind control phone sex sessions as well.

Call 1-888-467-6704